Pumpkin Hummus

Pumpkin hummus recipe from Falmouth Farmers Market

What to do with pumpkins other than pie? Roast wedges, cook soups, use in stews and curries, bake pumpkin bread. Here’s another idea to use up a pound or so of pumpkin. Make hummus. This smooth whipped hummus is our Waste Not recipe this week. To save time we started with canned chickpeas, but gave them an extra simmer until […]

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Roasted asparagus, hazelnut butter, Parmesan shavings

Roasted Asparagus

Roasting has become a favorite way to cook asparagus. (Lining the baking tray with parchment makes for quick clean-up.) Roasted asparagus is delicious just as it comes, but here’s a way to dress it up. Rich enough to make a meal for 2 or a hearty appetizer for at least 4 people. Roasted asparagus, hazelnut butter, Parmesan shavings 1 bunch […]

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Shefali’s Scrumptious Spring Rolls

Spring rolls, made with rice paper rounds, are lighter than the usual sandwich wraps, and very versatile. The young Falmouth chef who concocted this recipe, Shefali Singh, mostly uses regular rice wrappers from Amber Waves. She gets tofu from Windfall Market; unless you’re vegetarian or vegan you could use shreds of cooked chicken for protein instead. In place of bean […]

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Cherry tomatoes with honey and feta

We needed a cocktail snack last week and these feta-stuffed tomatoes (below) did the trick. Choose red cherry tomatoes for this, or a mix of colors, or the beautiful marbleized Indigo Rose cherries from Silverbrook (which, by the way, look stunning paired with purple basil.)  Get yourself an E&T honey stick to use as a miniature squeeze bottle, or use […]

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Warm feta marinated in olive oil

Too hot to cook recently, so this week’s recipe involves marination, and minimal heat. Goat’s cheese is often marinated. But we used the appealing, not-too-sharp feta brought by the Farm Institute — a feta even non-feta-eaters can love. The cheese is sold as a neat cake floating in a container of water. Drain the cake and, for this recipe, slice […]

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Asiago Crisps

Asiago crisps, our recipe for this week, are the perfect little cocktail nibble before you settle down to the big meal. We used Foxboro’s Asiago, available at several local winter markets. Ridiculously simple and good, these crisps, and you can easily double or treble the recipe assuming you have enough baking sheets. Asiago Crisps ½ cup fine shreds of Asiago […]

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