Strawberries-and-Cream Sandwich

Strawberry Sandwich - 1

Per Sandwich: 2 slices good white bread, e.g Pain D’Avignon’s white French Pullman unsalted or very lightly salted butter 3-4 ripe strawberries, thickly sliced 1-2 Tbs. sugar 2 Tbs. or so whipped cream Thoroughly butter two pieces of bread. The butter acts as water-proofing. Cover one piece with sliced strawberries. Sprinkle with sugar (for crunch as much as for taste.) […]

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Flower Sandwiches with Cloumage

Flower Sandwich - flowers & chives

This week’s market sandwich pops with color. It’s made with nasturtium flowers and leaves which are slightly peppery, and blue chive blossoms, sweet and only mildly oniony. The other main ingredient is Cloumage, a soft fresh cheese, sold at the market from Olio di Melli’s cooler of Massachusetts’ cheeses (and also available at the Windfall.) Flower flavors are often subtle […]

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Radish sandwiches with homemade herb butter

Our weekly recipes will be focusing on sandwiches this year – sandwiches interpreted in the broadest and loosest sense, including tartines, flatbreads, rolls (some fairly classic, some breaking all the rules) plus all kinds of quick-pickles, fixings and sandwich fillips. This week: herb-butter from scratch for your radish sandwiches. Choose the most additive-free cream you can find, grab a handful […]

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Per person: 1 egg 1 slice white, rye or light whole-wheat bread ½ Tablespoon room-temperature butter ½ Tablespoon or so olive oil salt and freshly-ground pepper Crack your egg into a little cup. Butter bread on both sides. Stamp out a 2 to 2 ½ inch circle from the middle of the bread with a glass rim or cookie cutter. […]

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Shefali’s Scrumptious Spring Rolls

Spring rolls, made with rice paper rounds, are lighter than the usual sandwich wraps, and very versatile. The young Falmouth chef who concocted this recipe, Shefali Singh, mostly uses regular rice wrappers from Amber Waves. She gets tofu from Windfall Market; unless you’re vegetarian or vegan you could use shreds of cooked chicken for protein instead. In place of bean […]

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Green Egg Sandwiches

Micro-greens are baby-plants with cut stems and leaves, as opposed to sprouts which are germinated seeds, eaten roots and all. Chefs love piling the little greens into tangled stacks on top of a nice piece of fish or meat – they add instant hits of flavor and texture and look so appealingly fresh. Use them to dress up scrambled eggs, […]

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