Snaps on the grill

Peas will soon be a thing of the past. One last recipe for snap peas, because it’s irresistible, and easy-peasy.

Snaps on The Grill

Sugar snap peas, untrimmed, stalks left on

Olive oil

Sea-salt or other crunchy salt

Wash and dry snap peas, but leave on the stalks. Toss in a bowl with just enough oil to make them glisten. Throw them on a hot grill pan (over an indoor stove or outdoor barbecue) and hit them with a generous pinch of salt. Flip peas around to develop nice char-marks on both sides. Pile peas onto a dish and eat messily, with fingers. Pick up a pod by the stalk. Pop pod into your mouth and draw it against your front teeth (like an artichoke leaf.) You’ll be left with a lovely mouthful of smokey-salty-sweet-pea flavor, and a bit of stalk and string in your hand. Toss stalks on the lawn or into a bowl if eating indoors. Provide napkins.

Make as many as you want, to eat with drinks in your backyard, or as a happy prelude to a summer meal. You can play with the flavors — add a pinch of pepper, grill a wedge of lemon alongside the peas to squeeze over the pods when they’re done. But just oil, salt and smoke work magic.

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