End-of- summer soup

End of Summer Soup

Now that nights are cooler, it feels good to switch on the stove. Here’s a late-summer soup, this week’s Waste Not crisper-cleaner recipe. While you cut up the vegetables, simmer their trimmings to make a broth. While the soup cooks, make a quick pistou, a French kissing cousin of pesto. (If basil is in short supply, use a mixture of flat-leaf parsley and basil leaves.) […]

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Veggie Wraps

Have you visited the Falmouth Service Center table? Two weeks ago, David Hearne was there showing us how to make “Veggie Pinwheels,” slices of whole-wheat tortilla wraps, packed with fresh crunchy vegetables. David volunteers with the Service Center, doing food demos, and these colorful wraps are a hit whenever he makes them for the Center’s “Fresh Market” program in the schools. His recipe is based on […]

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