Flower Sandwiches with Cloumage

Flower Sandwich - flowers & chives

This week’s market sandwich pops with color. It’s made with nasturtium flowers and leaves which are slightly peppery, and blue chive blossoms, sweet and only mildly oniony. The other main ingredient is Cloumage, a soft fresh cheese, sold at the market from Olio di Melli’s cooler of Massachusetts’ cheeses (and also available at the Windfall.) Flower flavors are often subtle […]

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New Minted Potatoes

With so much eye-catching color at the market right now, it’s easy to overlook onions and potatoes. Look for fresh onions—from shiny orbs to tiny pearls, the kind used for pickling. And keep your eyes peeled for the first little newly-dug potatoes, one of summer’s secret pleasures. (Peachtree Circle, Da Silva and several other farms will probably have some.) Thin-skinned […]

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Cherry Tomato and Blueberry Salad

Redcurrants are used mostly for jelly here, but in Europe the tiny tart berries are enjoyed fresh.  Rinse them and, if they’re still attached to their stalk, strip them off, using a fork as a comb. For a nice treat, powder them with plenty confectioner’s sugar, and let them sit in the bowl, stirring occasionally, until sugar and berry juices […]

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