DIY Tomato Juice

Falmouth Farmers Market Tomato juice

We’re trying not to waste anything at the market if we can help it. So any tomatoes featured in last week’s Tomato Show that weren’t reclaimed by their owners were “re-homed.” “Would you like them?” asked Carrie Richter, proffering two impressive knobbly heirlooms, each weighing about a pound? After a full day’s duty at the Tomato Show table, under unrelenting […]

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Corn Relish

Corn relish from the Falmouth Farmers' Market

Quick pickles are a great solution for an overabundance of vegetables. They can also help transform a little bit of vegetable into a pot of something delicious. What to do, for instance, with that leftover ear of corn? Here’s a Waste-Not idea. Make a jar of sweet and spicy relish. It takes just over 10 minutes if your corn is raw, less if your corn’s […]

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Bacon, Lettuce and Summer Peach Sandwich

Bacon lettuce summer peach sandwich

This week’s sammie: BLP A peachy sandwich. With bacon. Think BLT, with a twist. For each sandwich: 2 slices toasted sandwich bread 2 slices thick-cut bacon I small to medium-size ripe peach, washed, sliced into rounds 1 tsp. honey pinch of salt dash of hot sauce (e.g Rooster’s Rocket Fuel) 1 Tbs. Hellmann’s mayonnaise, or homemade 2 large lettuce leaves […]

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Peach and Yellow Tomato Salsa

With both peaches and tomatoes at the market, here’s a fruit salsa that comes together in minutes and works well with grilled or sauteed local fish—or grilled chicken. You could also serve it more as a side-salad, say with a wedge of classic burrata and something leafy on the plate like arugula or pea greens. Look for yellow, orange or […]

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Roasted Acorn Squash Rings

Here’s a winter squash tip from Weston Lant at Lucky Field Organics. For a quick meal of butternut squash, halve and clean squash and place it cut-side down on glass plate in the microwave oven. Cook, testing every now and then, until squash is perfectly tender. Mash scooped-out flesh and season to taste. You might not even need any butter, […]

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Cherry tomatoes with honey and feta

We needed a cocktail snack last week and these feta-stuffed tomatoes (below) did the trick. Choose red cherry tomatoes for this, or a mix of colors, or the beautiful marbleized Indigo Rose cherries from Silverbrook (which, by the way, look stunning paired with purple basil.)  Get yourself an E&T honey stick to use as a miniature squeeze bottle, or use […]

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Corn and Tomato Salad

It’s summertime and the cooking is easy. Less is often more: summer food at peak flavor needs very little to turn it into something that looks and tastes delicious. Like this corn and tomato salad, for instance. We tweaked it with a spoonful of Singe-Sations, a great condiment to keep in your fridge if you like a little instant jalapeno […]

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Roasted Baby Carrots with Honey Glaze

This week’s recipe is plucked from “Cooking from the Farmers’ Market,” (Weldon Owen Publishing 2011) which is available through Eight Cousins Bookstore. By Tasha De Serio and Jodi Liano, the book isn’t just a nicely photographed recipe collection. Each fruit and vegetable gets its own shopping, storing and prepping tips, basic instruction many cookbooks omit, but handy if you’re tackling, […]

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