Caramelized Onion Dip

Peak season means farmers often have a lot of something at once. If you need inspiration for what to do with zucchini, for instance, Susie Middleton suggests one of her all-time most popular recipes in Fine Cooking Magazine: Right now Freshfield Farm has lots of white onions. If life hands you onions, caramelize them! Two big onions will concentrate to a rich, sweet-savory little […]

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Pickle Juice Fridge Pickles

Pickled Carrots

Local food is so good, it makes you want to use every bit of it. Here’s a way to make a lot of a little. We had a few left-over carrots and used this fun idea from Sherri Brooks Vinton’s new book, Eat It Up! Pickle Juice Fridge Pickles You’ve finished the jar of pickles and are now left with a jar […]

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Petits Pois

It’s time to eat your peas, Thomas Jefferson’s favorite vegetable. Jefferson wasn’t just a founding father of our nation, he was our founding foodie, according to Thomas Craughwell, who is giving a lecture on the topic at the Falmouth Museums on the Green this Wednesday, June 26 at 7 PM. (Call 508-548-4857 for more information.) Indeed, Jefferson took James Hemmings, […]

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