Pickle Juice Fridge Pickles

Pickled Carrots

Local food is so good, it makes you want to use every bit of it. Here’s a way to make a lot of a little. We had a few left-over carrots and used this fun idea from Sherri Brooks Vinton’s new book, Eat It Up! Pickle Juice Fridge Pickles You’ve finished the jar of pickles and are now left with a jar […]

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Creamed Sweet Turnips

Our recipe this week is for a large whitish botanically-enigmatic knob in the turnip family. The Macomber turnip. also known as the Westport turnip, was introduced to Westport by the Macomber brothers in 1876. It’s crisp as a radish, sweet as rutabaga, white as a turnip, and winsomely smooth and mellow when cooked. Turnips suspiciously like these are also called […]

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