Beet-yogurt spread

Falmouth Farmers Market Beet & Yogurt Spread

Young beets are starting to come to the market. Here’s one way to make the most of them, root, stems and all – an eye-popping crimson vegetable spread (pictures on our website.) Keep the remaining leaves to cook as “greens” and toss pretty small leaves into salads. You’ll also have left-over beet juice to make a little summer refresher Waste not! Beet-yogurt spread 8 oz. […]

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Kale Salad with Butternut Squash

There is a t-shirt you can buy online that reads: Eat More Kale. We couldn’t agree more. (Sign of our times: the Vermont T-shirt-maker has been challenged by fast-food company Chik-fil-A. A contemporary David and Goliath story, if ever we’ve seen one.) Kale is excellent steamed, sautéed, braised—or crisped to make chips (check out these recipes). Tiny tender leaves are […]

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Roasted Eggplant with a garlic-yogurt sauce

As evenings get cooler, we don’t mind switching on our ovens and roasting vegetables at high temperature. You might want to try roasting eggplants while they are still plentiful. Choose the regular glossy dark eggplants for this. The addition of a pinch of turmeric is less for taste than for color – it imbues the eggplant slices with a golden […]

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