Weekly Update – July 23

Falmouth Farmers Market Marine Park

Fromage à Trois is back! Its return last week made a lot of people happy. Fromage à Trois burratas, mozzarella and Armenian string cheese have been missed, not to mention its fresh pastas. Fettuccine, pea-tendril fettuccine, angel hair and pappardelle all sold out fast. The timing couldn’t be better. Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are now in good supply. Basil and other herbs are plentiful. It’s the season for caprese salads, summery pastas and sandwiches (see below). And we eagerly anticipate Freshfield Farm coming with the season’s first new potatoes.

Here’s what we might see this Thursday:

Raspberries, currants, blueberries, first peaches and an early type of apple. Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, young fennel and early corn. New potatoes! Peas, beans, probably peppers, definitely summer squash, including summer balls, zucchini, and cucumbers. (Cukes will be the vegetable featured at the Rooting For Health table; see how to seed them.) Also mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower and small cabbages, including Savoy cabbage. All sorts of leafy greens, including lettuce heads, bags of mixed greens, arugula, pea greens, micro-greens, chards, and kales. Carrots, beets, kohlrabi, radishes, sorrel, beautiful red and white onions, and newly harvested garlic bulbs. Herbs in bunches and pots, container lettuces, edible flowers (such as nasturtium and borage blossoms).

You’ll also find eggs—including duck eggs—a wider selection of cheeses, fresh pasta, bread, baked goods, apple-cider doughnuts, salad dressing, jams and jellies, local honey, coffee, wines from Coastal Vineyards, sunflowers, stunning calla lilies, colorful flower bouquets, herbal products and botanical oils. Plus Sirenetta’s salty caramels, seasonal chocolate collections, and—new this year—sachets of sea glass candy, a pretty seaside gift.

For local day boat fish: a map at the market information table will steer you quickly to Machaca Charters at the dock. The Machaca ties up on Charter Boat Row, just to the left of the town upwellers, where tiny oysters are being grown for the town’s shellfish projects.

You can also bring food scraps you’ve saved at home to the bins provided by Compost With Me—pick up a free container this Thursday to start diverting food from your trash can. See how well you and your family do at playing CWM’s Sorting Game. What’s recyclable, what’s trash, and what can be composted? (There are some trick items.) Bikers: you can get tune-ups from the Bike Lab between 1 and 2 PM.

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