Weekly Update – July 16, 2015

Falmouth Farmers Market Marine Park

Red Current Sandwich

It’s berry time.

BlackberriesWhite-currentsweek we had raspberries, black raspberrRed Currentsies, red currants, champagne currants, even a first glimpse of blueberries. They make a great fruit salad; dust mixed berries with powdered sugar and dish up with a spoonful of whipped cream, ice cream, Greek yogurt—or even a scoop of Long Lane super-fresh goat’s cheese (mild as milk, cool on the tongue, made the morning of the market and liked by many who don’t otherwise love goat’s cheese. Summer has definitely arrived at the market.

Here’s what we might see this Thursday:

Raspberries, red currants, champagne currants and early blueberries. Tomatoes, young fennel and early corn. Peas, beans, fava beans, cucumbers, summer squash and zucchini. Mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, maybe cauliflower and small cabbages. All sorts of leafy greens, including lettuce heads, bags of mixed greens (some with edible flowers) arugula, pea greens, micro-greens, chards, mustard greens and kales. Carrots—this week’s featured vegetable at the Rooting For Health table—beets, kohlrabi, radishes, sorrel, red and white onions, maybe garlic scapes and most definitely garlic bulbs. Herbs in bunches and pots—and last-minute starter plants for filling in spots in your backyard vegetable garden.

You’ll also find eggs—including duck eggs—cheeses, bread, baked goods, apple-cider doughnuts (ask about the new maple-bacon doughnut dip), salad dressing, jams and jellies, local honey, coffee, possibly wines from Westport River Vineyards, sunflowers and flower bouquets, herbal products and botanical oils. Sirenetta’s salty caramels, seasonal chocolate collections, and—new this year—sachets of sea-glass candy, a pretty seaside gift.

Day-boat fish from the Machaca Charters at the dock. Last week’s discovery for adventurous eaters was local thresher shark—mild and meaty, a good grilling fish.

You can also bring food scraps you’ve saved at home to the bins provided by Compost With Me—76 pounds were collected last week, a new record to beat.  Bikers—we love our bikers—can get tune-ups from the Bike Lab between noon and 2 PM.

Highfield Hall & Gardens will be at the market this week selling raffle tickets. The Big Ticket item, an annual Highfield fundraiser, is a 2015 Toyota RAV4. (Drawing party will be on September 13. http://highfieldhallandgardens.org/support/toyota-rav4-raffle/)

The little ticket item—$5 buys you three tickets—is artist Salley Mavor’s enchanting Fairy Family, created for Highfield’s outdoor summer exhibit of Fairy Houses (drawing August 30). This is a rare, rare chance to win five of Salley Mavor’s Wee Folk, which she makes from felt, wood and wool—with the addition, in this case, of acorn caps on their heads. Because they are fairies, after all. See how they were created athttp://weefolkstudio.om/2015/05/03/fairy-family-raffle/.

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