Weekly Update: June 11, 2015

Falmouth Farmers Market Marine Park

What gets everyone excited at the start of each season are the “The Firsts.” The first ripe strawberries, the first young peas—telling us, yes, summer’s on the way. Both strawberries and young peas, we’re told, will show up this Thursday, along with early cucumbers and zucchini. Peachtree Circle Farm will have its big beautiful peony flowers.

Flowers alone are worth a trip to the market—not only for stunning bouquets but for sweet little edible blossoms like blue chives and nasturtiums (both flowers and leaves can be eaten).  Rooting for Health will be back this week with more nutrition-savvy salad tips.

What to expect at the farmers market: the first strawberries, peas, early cucumbers and zucchinis. Tender leafy greens, including “ginormous” lettuce heads, spinach, bags of mixed greens, arugula, pea-greens, micro-greens, as well as sturdier chards, kales and mustards greens. There’ll be asparagus, mushrooms, radishes, scallions, lots of potted herbs, lemongrass, plus young heirloom tomato plants and vegetable starts for the garden, including plugs of colorful, speckled lettuces.

You’ll also find eggs, including duck eggs, cheeses, bread, baked goods, those wicked apple-cider doughnuts, salad dressing, jams and jellies, honey, coffee, maple syrup if supplies last, this week’s local wine, flowers, edible flowers, dried lavender, herbal products and botanical oils. And Nobska Farms’ hot sauces and chili products. Compost With Me will collect your compost.  And Machaca will have freshly caught fish.

Flower Sandwich - flowers & chives Peachtree Circle Farm Peonies

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