Weekly Update: May 28, 2015

Falmouth Farmers Market Marine Park

Welcome to Natasha Miskovsky, the new market manager.  Natasha stepped into Kate Mahoney’s shoes last week. The market is run by a volunteer board and the board can’t thank Kate enough for all the work she did to establish this market eight years ago and make it so successful at Peg Noonan Park. Now, as we pitch tents at the Bigelow Marine Park, please welcome Natasha! With Falmouth Harbor nearby, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to not only explore the market but Falmouth’s working waterfront, one of the few left on the Cape. Fish may be available at the dock very soon.

In these early weeks of the market expect to see plenty of leafy greens, asparagus, and occasional splashes of red in the form of radishes and rhubarb. You’ll find chard, kales, mustard greens, spinach, bagged mixed greens (even bagged nettles last week, a new chefs’ darling) lovely lettuces, arugula, pea shoots, micro-greens, green garlic, scallions, lots of herbs, lemongrass—plus young heirloom tomato and other vegetable plants to jump-start your kitchen garden.

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